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Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry Guidelines  (NMLS & R)

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS & R) is the regulatory agency that works under the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) and AARMR that have been charged to register all Mortgage Loan Originator's (MLO’s), whether the MLO works for an exempt entity or non-financial company.


All Mortgage loan Originator's (MLO's) working for mortgage bankers or mortgage brokers must be registered with NMLS and licensed by the State regulator you are originating loans in. 

Click here to start the registration and licensing system.

It is required that all non-financial companies be registered with NMLS and licensed through the State regulator that you are originating loans in.  


All education providers must be approved and certified through NMLS as well all courses must be approved prior to being taught for Pre-Licensing (PE) or Continuing Education (CE) credit.

If an MLO looks to transfer from one company to another, they must submit a change of sponsor from the new company  through the NMLS system.

All MLO’s can be tracked by consumers though the NMLS Consumer Access system to see where they are employed and if there license is up to date and active or if there have been any complaints filed against the MLO.

Click here to access the Consumer NMLS website




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