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Origination Solutions

Money Laundering Training and Manual


  • Compliance Review

  • Template

  • Manual

  • Training – including staff throughout the first year

  • Annual Training

Loan Officer Comp Review

  • LO Compensation Program

  • Bonus Program

  • Review of Contracts

IDFPR Examination Assistance​

In the state of Illinois each mortgage banker or mortgage broker will be required to have a records and operations examined complete by Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). These examinations could be annually or possibly every thirty six (36) months, dependent on your operations and previous examinations.


Without proper attention in preparing for the examination, you may place your company in regulatory jeopardy resulting in fines, suspensions or constant examinations.


The cost of the IDFPR examinations is $510. Per day for each examiner. Make the most of your examination cost by preparing your materials in advance.

Falcon Innovations, can help you prepare for your examination and address many of the potential problems. Contact us for services we can provide to help you prepare.

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